Design Sprint with Google and Nord Projects

During two weeks of Winter School (January 2020), hosted by the Glasgow School of Art – Innovation School located in the North of Scotland, Nord Projects and Google developed a design sprint exploring new design approaches for a world under Climate Crisis.

As a background for ideation, two world-scenarios for 2050 were presented :

  • Greentocracy – where people followed a strict regime of self-containment to enable wild nature to thrive.
  • Humans Inc – focused on social developed in detriment of the natural environment.

5 different lenses were added for inspiration:

  • Interconnected world views – How might we understand our place in life?
  • Mortality consciousness – How might we engage with death in a positive way?
  • Multigenerational Emotions – How might we connect emotionally across generations?
  • Legacy Stance – How might we find the motivation to leave a positive legacy?
  • Deep time – How might deep time help us rediscover our place in the universe?

Projects can be found here.

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